Charles Merken Investigations employs former law enforcement professionals from both state, local and federal agencies with many years of investigative experience. We maintain an ongoing relationship with law enforcement and professionals in the legal industry enabling us to offer a wide range of servce when and where they are needed by our clients.

We offer a unique blend of on-the-ground footwork with high-tech equipment and proprietary data resources. Our team leaves no stone unturned, no resource untapped, and no clue unchecked in accomplishing their goal to your complete satisfaction.

Delivering Results

Attorneys and clients alike have busy schedules and time is of the essence. CMI utilizes Trackops Investigative Management Software a WEB based program.

Trackops provides our clients access to the status of their cases from anywhere at any time 24/7 including video, photos, documents.

We never accept or ask for a retainer when a case is assigned to us by an attorney.