About Us

Charles Merken Investigations, LLC

Our management team is headed up by Chuck Merken, blending over 60 years of experience in Law Enforcement, Private Sector Security and development of State-of-the-Art Surveillance equipment.

Charles Merken Investigations was established in 1989. Our team utilizes a wide ranging network of detectives with expertise in different fields, research analysts, and specialists in both forensic sciences and forensic accounting.

Charles Merken Investigations offers the unique blend of on-the-ground footwork with high-tech equipment and proprietary data resources. Our team leaves no stone unturned, no resource untapped, and no clue unchecked in accomplishing our goal to your complete satisfaction.

Attorneys and clients alike have very busy schedules and time is of the essence. CMI utilizes Trackops Investigative Management Software (a secure Web-based program). Trackops provides our clients access to the current state of their case from anywhere at anytime 24/7 including videos, photos and reports.

Mission Statement

We expect more from our people. In our view our Detecives must possess more than just knowledge, they must also reflect a genuine concern for the individuals, corporations and legal professionals that we serve.
They must possess an inner strength to provide the highest level of commitment to bringing every case to a successful conclusion.

Chuck Merken