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Human Resources Policies and Procedures • VIP Protection • Special  Events • Disaster Preparedness • IT Security Consulting • Corporate Espionage Prevention • Campus and Building Security • Security Equipment Purchase and Installation

Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Precautions should be in place to see that your employees are above reproach and that your personnel practices protect you from potential liability. We can review your existing policies and procedures, recommending updates where needed, and provide you with an unbiased second opinion. We work with your head of security, spotting areas of vulnerability.

VIP Protection

Company executives, wealthy families, celebrities and other VIPs need special protection to prevent against kidnapping, crazed fans, spurned lovers, unstable ex-employees and other dangers. A consultation with our experienced security professionals will ensure that your special people are kept safe from harm.

Special Events

Your regular security staff may handle day-to-day events without incident, but when a special event is planned additional security precautions need to be taken. We will advise you of how to prepare and prevent security risks during your special event.

Disaster Preparedness

Since 911 businesses and individuals have been keenly aware that disaster can strike at any time. Our trained disaster experts will help you put in place an emergency preparedness plan based on the latest threat assessments.

IT Security Consulting

We offer comprehensive review of your existing IT security and recommend ways to incorporate a variety of methods to ensure the safety of your IT networks.

Corporate Espionage Prevention

Our investigative experience has uniquely prepared us to help companies anticipate areas of vulnerability and put in place ways to detect and prevent corporate espionage.


Campus and Building Security

Whether your company has one location, or many, we can help you put in place a comprehensive security plan that includes access control, entrance and exit procedures, CCTV local and remote surveillance, shipping and receiving security procedures, fire and alarm systems, emergency and natural disaster plans, handling of confidential information, and vendor policies and procedures for janitorial service, security guard service, vendor/contractor access and building maintenance.

Security Equipment Purchase and Installation

With years of experience in state-on-the-art security surveillance equipment, we can help you make informed decisions on developing, purchasing and installing your security and surveillance systems.

Our sister company, Mobile Video Systems, founded by Chuck Merken and a wholly owned subsidiary of CMI, has been engaged in covert surveillance for over 30 years. MVS developed products for Homeland Security currently in use in high risk surveillance where deployment of human assets is not possible.

All of our vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art cameras that record from both the front and rear in HD 1080p. Vehicles can be parked then monitored and recorded remotely via PC, Android or iPhone.

Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking that is overlaid on the video showing where the vehicles are in real-time. The video of every surveillance can be downloaded on DVD showing time, date, track so a complete record of the surveillance is available for our clients. The video is watermarked so it cannot be altered and is usable as evidence in court. This is a tremendous asset and just another aspect of our company that differentiates us from other detective agencies, especially when monitoring the actions of complainants in Workers Comp cases.