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Counter Surveillance

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Employee Surveillance

Are your employees stealing from you?  Are you losing customers from poor customer service?  Find out what’s really going on when you’re away. Our employee surveillance services can uncover new business opportunities as well as the cause for lost business. Protect yourself from wrongful lawsuits and unjustified worker’s comp claims by proactively recording what is really happening. Common concerns are theft, embezzlement, falsified records, accounting irregularities, money laundering and missing inventory.

Business Partner/Associate Surveillance

Just as with personal relationships, cheating can take place in your business relationships as well. Perhaps you’ve noticed a drop in the profitability of your company, yet sales are still up.  Or maybe your competition seems to be winning more bids than normal.  Find out who’s leaking information to your competitors, or if your partner is skimming profits out of the company.  We can set up surveillance of key business associates to find out how critical information and/or profits are slipping out of your business.

Workers Compensation Surveillance

Workers Compensation is a standard requirement in today’s corporate environment, and as with any benefit system it can and will be abused by individuals who try to work the system for their personal benefit. Furthermore, unscrupulous individuals have taken the time to fully understand how to perpetrate this fraud.

These individuals have the potential of affecting the bottom line of any successful business with damages ranging into the millions of dollars. Check out options for your surveillance equipment.

Suspected Infidelity Surveillance

If your spouse, fiance, lover or significant other seems to be acting differently perhaps it’s time to find out what’s going on. We can set up discrete 24/7 surveillance to justify your concerns, or dismiss your suspicions. What we discover can then be used in court, by law enforcement or just to confront the individual with hard evidence of the truth. Our tasteful and sensitive approach to surveillance will protect you from embarrassment and accusation. Additionally, we will help you prepare for divorce or whatever legal actions may be necessary with expert advice and a skillfully prepared presentation of evidence.

Insurance Fraud Surveillance

Businesses and individuals frequently become the target of insurance fraud by devious individuals who know jus how to work the system. Our experienced investigators can set up 24/7 surveillance that refutes their illegal claim against you. We can help you lower your insurance premiums while putting criminals away for good.

Electronic Surveillance Detection

If you suspect that you are under surveillance call us. Our team of technical experts provide electronic sweeps for hidden cameras, listening devices, wire taps, directional microphones, GPS covert tracking and even computer spyware. We will make a thorough investigation of any attempts to spy on you so that you can be sure your privacy is protected.


Corporate Espionage

If it seems like your competition hears the very words you utter in your bedroom, maybe they really do. Find out who’s spying on your company and how they are beating your proposals with amazing clarity. Our counter surveillance investigations can protect your business from ruthless competitors who are bent on destroying you. No company is too small to be a victim of corporate espionage. Periodic electronic sweeps and careful preventative measures can keep you way ahead of the competition.

Cyber Spyware

Computer geeks love to hack into your computer system and cause chaos, destroy files, attach viruses to your email and sometimes engage in even more sinister activities. Our experienced IT experts can track down and extinguish spyware and other harmful computer programs before they spell disaster for you or your company.